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Do you want to convert spotify to mp3?¬†everything you need to listen to music is here for free. Spotify is a digital streaming platform where you can access millions of music, podcasts, and videos from all over the world. Spotify makes your work easy and brings all the entertainment at one place in a second you just need good internet and a subscription plan of it. Spotify never let you download their music into the MP3 format as it goes against their copyright policy. But if you want to convert spotify to mp3 then we are here to help you. In this article, we will learn how to convert spotify to mp3 and download them in our local storage. Here I’ll give you give a simple spotify downloader & spotify converter which will make the work easy for you.

spotify to mp3

You can easily sign up on spotify using your facebook or email address and it doesn’t take more than a minute. Spotify offers two plans for its users one is completely free and the other one is premium plan. As the premium plan sounds like a paid plan where you have to spend $9.99 month for getting extra features like ad free, unlimited skips, save them offline, high quality upto 320 kbps. But getting a premium plan doesn’t mean that you can download them in your local storage it will goes offline only in your spotify account, not in your default music player.

Sometimes we want to download spotify songs in Mp3 format and play them in our default music player but the problem is spotify never gonna allow you to do that. Here comes our Spotify to Mp3 downloader & converter where you can download any spotify song to Mp3 format and play them whenever you want. The method described in this post can be also used as spotify playlist downloader. After downloading music in Mp3 format you can even share them with your friends who don’t have spotify subscription. Not only that you can even get rid of shitty ads if you are using a free plan. All these things can be possible by following our article carefully and it will not cost you even a single dollar from your pocket so let’s move on to spotify downloader spotify to mp3 converter.

Spotify to Mp3: Spotify Converter to MP3

Here we will discuss two methods on spotify downloader & spotify to mp3 converter. If you want to convert spotify to mp3 using your PC running on Windows, Mac or Linux then read the first method. For smartphone users such as Android & iOS please read the second method below.

Spotify to MP3 for PC (Recommended):

There are many software in the market but I will recommend you to go with Allavsoft as it has many features which is missing in most of its competitors. So let’s see how you can convert spotify to mp3 using Allavsoft.

1) Download Allavsoft for your Windows/Mac from the button below.

Download Allavsoft

2) Install and open the software.

3) Copy and paste Spotify music album, track or playlist URL to Allavsoft URL tab. You can also choose the download quality.

4) To start the download process click on down arrow icon.

5) Now you will see download has started.

6) With the help of Allavsoft, you can download and convert Spotify to MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, AAC, FLAC etc so that to play Spotify music offline anytime and anywhere (not limited to Spotify app but also MP3 player or other media players or devices).

7) The best thing about this software is you can download music from Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, Soundcloud and many other sites.

Spotify to MP3 for Windows, Mac & Linux:

1) If you want to convert spotify music to mp3 using your PC then here is the perfect solution. You can do this task on any PC running on windows, mac & linux operating system.

2) First of all download & install a software in your PC which name is AllToMP3. This software is absolutely free with an easy interface to download high quality music from spotify.

Go to Download Page

3) After downloading it install & open AllToMP3 software.

4) You can see a search box on the top. Here you need to paste the link of spotify music or the playlist. To download a complete playlist please remember it should be publicly visible not private.

5) Paste the link & press the enter button. It would take some time to download the music into mp3 format depending on your internet speed.

6) AllToMp3 software can easily download spotify songs to mp3 including youtube, soundcloud and deezer as well. There are many other software available to convert spotify to mp3 but this software is absolutely free of cost.

Spotify to MP3 for Android & iOS:

1) First of all, you need to install an application on your smartphone named Fildo. Currently, this application is available for android only but the developer is working on iOS as well. Believe me, it is the best spotify playlist downloader or spotify to mp3 converter right now for free.

2) Fildo is not available on play store but you can download it from the official website. Download link is given below just check this out.

Go to Download Page

3) Open Fildo application go to the More section and click on Login.

spotify to mp3

4) Create a new account if you don’t have existing one.

5) After creating an account click on Import Spotify option.

spotify to mp3

6) Now you should have a Spotify account with your playlist which you want to download. So if you have one simply login into that account and you are all ready.

spotify to mp3

7) Before importing the playlist it will ask you some permission of your spotify account so click on Agree to proceed further.

spotify to mp3

8) Now you can see all your spotify created playlist name in Fildo application just click on that playlist which you want to download.

spotify to mp3

9) Now you will be in Spotify Playlists section here again click on the playlist name. It will ask you before importing the playlist so click OK button.

spotify to mp3

10) There will be two options for importing playlist Normal & High. For better result select High, if you don’t have much time you can select Normal matching.

spotify to mp3

11) Now you can see all the songs of your playlist. If you want to download some specific songs so click on the three dots right to the song name.

spotify to mp3

12) Here you can see the download button to download that song in Mp3 format.

spotify to mp3

13) If someone wants to download the entire playlist so simply click on the Plus (+) button on the top right-hand side. Here you can see Download All option to save all of them in your phone storage as Mp3 format.

spotify to mp3

14) There are three Mp3 quality available in Fildo 96Kbps, 160Kbps & 360Kbps. By default, it is set to highest one 360Kbps but you can change this by going into Fildo settings.

14) All songs will be downloaded in your download folder under the folder name FildoDownloads. You can even listen to them using any Mp3 player or share them with your friends using bluetooth or any other medium.

How Much Data Spotify Use:

  • At normal quality, you can play music around 24 hours on a cost of 1GB of data. The normal quality streams at 96kbps.
  • At high quality, you will be charging 1GB of data in less than 15 hours. The high quality streams at 160kbps.
  • At extreme quality, you will be charged around 1GB of data in 7 hours. The extreme quality streams at 320kbps.

By analyzing the above data we can say that spotify costs you more data when you play them in high quality. Music is like an addiction where sometimes you listen to the same song on a loop over and over again. If you are one of those then it would be better for you to save them offline. If you are a free user or having a premium plan but you decided to cancel it soon then I’ll recommend you download them in your local storage in Mp3 format so you can play them anytime without spending internet data.

Find Your Friends on Spotify:

It’s a great feature of spotify where you can see your friend’s playlist and tune with them. If you want to follow your friend on spotify then it is recommended to connect your spotify account with facebook. If any of your facebook friend connected their profile with spotify you can easily spot them and check their playlist. But if you haven’t connected your facebook profile with spotify then it might difficult for you to find them. In this case thanks to the spotify search feature where you can search your friend profile with their username. One more way to find your friend is to ask them to share their spotify profile link so you can easily find them. Alternatively, you can also ask them to share the link of public playlist which they have created.

So now we know that if you are listening to a song or whatever in your playlists can be seen by your facebook friends. There might be some occasion when you don’t want anyone of your friend to know about your music album or song. In this case you can easily listen to them in private listening mode which is one of the greatest features of spotify. Whatever you listen in private mode will not even influence your music recommendation so it’s a great feature if you want to listen something in incognito mode. To activate this feature you can simply go to spotify settings and enable the private session mode and after your work is done repeat the same method to disable it.

Spotify Connect:

Spotify connect is a great feature using it you can play music through a variety of different wifi connected devices like WiFi speakers, Television, Amazon Echo, Chromecast, PC etc. It’s a great feature if you want to listen to music in more places with more devices. You can easily control the music system using your spotify account. It acts as a remote control while adjusting volume, changing tracks and creating a playlist.

Spotify Playlists & Radio:

Creating a playlist is very easy if you are using it on PC then simply right click and select “Add to Playlist” option & for a mobile user they can just click on three dots next to the song and add it to playlist. The more you will listen the more it will suggest the same taste of music based on your searches. There is also a radio section which picks up the song automatically and play it for you based on your recommendation and music taste. Spotify radio is good if you want to explore more music of the same taste and try something new.

Spotify Podcasts:

Spotify is not just a music streaming service it is more than that. If you own a spotify account you can access thousands of podcasts that include every category like comedy, sports, educational, health, stories, games, business, technology, etc. These podcasts are easy to find in spotify mobile application and desktop as well. If you have some favorite podcast just follow them and access their latest episodes wherever you are.

Spotify Free or Premium:

There are two ways the spotify makes money from their subscribers. First one is advertisements and the second one is the premium subscription. Ads don’t generate them enough money than the premium subscription does, therefore in free accounts you’ll have to go through ads after every couple of tracks and believe me it’s really annoying. Besides ads, you will also have limited features in free accounts like only 6 skips per hour, lower audio quality and shuffle play only.

If we talk about premium plan it gonna cost you $9.99 per month but worth the money. In premium plan you get no ads while listening, unlimited skips, high audio quality, shuffle play, offline downloading and a great feature like spotify connect. Spotify gives 30 days free trial on premium subscription so you can decide between free and paid plans. If you have a family then it is recommended to go with a family plan where you will be charged $14.99 per month and you can share your account up to five peoples with different profiles.

Final Words:

So today we learned about Spotify to Mp3, spotify downloader & spotify converter. Here I explained that how you can easily extract spotify to Mp3. If someone looking for a powerful spotify playlist downloader then this post surely gonna help. You can perform this task on android, windows, mac & linux operating system. The best thing about this method is you can easily download any song or music without any premium spotify account. I hope you loved our article so please take a moment and share it with your friends on social media.