How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription


If you want to know how to cancel spotify premium subscription then must read this post. In previous post we know about deleting spotify account but in case if you just want to try some other streaming apps then it would be better if we just cancel our premium membership. Because if you delete your spotify account then your whole data will be removed from spotify server but if you just cancel premium subscription then you may also continue with free account. So let’s see how to cancel spotify premium subscription on android, iphone or desktop.

cancel spotify premium

Getting a spotify premium subscription is always a real fun as you have many features like high quality, ad free and offline music. But sometimes we also want to test some other music streaming services like apple & google play music. Canceling spotify membership can save you from recurring payment. You can cancel your membership if you want to try some other streaming applications, moving to spotify family plan or just want to save some money.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription:

1) You can’t unsubscribe premium from spotify mobile application so you need to visit their official website using mobile or desktop browser.

2) Log into your spotify account.

3) Click profile in the top right and go to account section.

4) In menu you can see Subscription option.

5) Now you would see an option Change or Cancel.

6) Now click on Cancel Premium option.

7) Now you need to confirm your action therefore click on Yes, Cancel for the confirmation.

8) Now your premium subscription is cancelled. You can enjoy premium features until the end of current subscription period.

9) Please remember that if you have subscribed through a broadband company then this method wouldn’t work for you. So first you need to go under subscription tab and check which provider managing your payments. Get the broadband details and contact them to cancel your premium membership.

Final Words:

So guys in this way you can easily cancel your spotify subscription. After cancelling the subscription your account will still exist but you will be moved to Free features. Now you will hear ads, shuffle play only and no offline download. But after cancelling the subscription if you still want offline download, high quality audio without ads then read our this post Spotify to Mp3 and enjoy spotify like a king for free. If you loved our article then do share it with your friends on your social profile.

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