How to Change Spotify Username (Two Methods)


Hey guys do you want to know how to change spotify username then you are at right place. In this article we will discuss on spotify username that how they work and how to change them. Our blog mainly focus on solution for spotify to mp3 but we decided to post some other helpful articles about spotify as well. In future we will post some more helpful articles which gonna help you if you are a spotify user. So now let’s move on to the actual article and learn how to change spotify username.

change spotify username

Spotify is not only a music streaming platform but also a social media where you can interact with your friends and see what they are listening to. Like every other social media platforms you always have a unique username which acts as an identity for your profile. Sometimes we want a particular username because it sounds good therefore we replace it with the old one but how to do that on spotify ? let’s see.

How to Change Spotify Username:

Spotify automatically generates a username for your profile whenever you create a new account on it. Most of the time we don’t like automatically generated usernames because it doesn’t sounds well or it’s long enough to remember. Unfortunately spotify have its own conditions and doesn’t allow their users to change their username for spotify profile.

But as always we have an easy fix for it if you want to change your username you will have to follow some simple instructions. Here we will learn two ways to change our random generated username to our desired name.

To change your spotify username you just need to open spotify mobile application. Go to settings and there you will see Social option under that you will see Connect to Facebook. As soon you connect your facebook account to spotify account your profile name will change to facebook profile name. The same method goes for desktop users as well you just need to visit spotify website follow the same instructions to connect your facebook account.

change spotify username

I know there would be some cases where users don’t want to connect their spotify account to facebook. So in this case the process gets little complicated but at the end it goes very well. First of all you need to delete your existing spotify profile and create a new one. While creating the account you will be asked to enter your name like I’ve shown in below screenshot. The below screenshot is from desktop but the same method goes for mobile application also. When you will open spotify mobile you just need to signup with your email address and during the final registeration step they would ask your name.change spotify username

After completing the above steps verify your email address and boom your profile name will no longer show a random generated text and numbers only your real name will be shown. But the process doesn’t end here you still need to move your old spotify data to new one. Spotify customer support will do that for you just contact them and let them know about your new account. Please remember that spotify support will only transfer your playlists from old account to new one and nothing else. So if you compare both the methods you will realise that connecting to facebook is more easy and hassle-free than this one. But at the end your decision matters so think before you take any step.

Final Words:

So today we learned about how to change spotify username where I’ve discussed two methods with you. You need to know that this method will only change your profile name so your friends will see your name instead of those longer random generated text and numbers. At this point of time spotify username cannot be changed but in near future there might be some possibilities. But till then we can follow the above method so it would be easy for our friends to recognise us on spotify. If you liked our this article then please share it with your friends.

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