Best Spotify Alternatives That You Must Know


We all know about spotify it is the best music streaming service for many users. But there are some good alternatives of spotify also available in market which you can use. You know sometimes we want to explore some other stuffs as well so we can make sure that which one fits our needs. Spotify is unbeatable when it comes to streaming music but if you see there are many other alternatives also available in market which claims their quality, music collection & streaming speed can beat spotify. So if you are a music lover then why not to try some other spotify alternatives as well and feel the difference.

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Best Spotify Alternatives That You Must Know:

Apple Music:

Apple Music launched in 2015 currently holds most number of paid subscribers than spotify in US. It is also a subscription based music streaming application with over 50 million songs. It has offline mode feature which you can use when you are not connected with internet. It combines all songs in place even those songs which is ripped from CD. Apple Music also offers radio station and integration with Siri so you can control most of the settings with voice commands.

Youtube Music:

Youtube Music can be a good alternative of spotify which focuses on music across the video streaming platform. It contains official songs, albums, playlists, artist radios, remixes and live versions of songs which you can listen anytime. Youtube Music is free to use service but in free version you get ads and not allowed to use features like background play and offline download. The home screen recommendation of Youtube Music is always changing based on your taste of music and your current location.


Similar to Spotify and Apple Music it has vast library of songs available for both free and paid subscribers. Deezer has 14 million monthly active users and 7 million paid subscribers operating in more than 180 countries. Deezer paid plan includes ads free music, unlimited skip, high quality, fast forward or rewind play and offline download.


Pandora is also a music streaming and discovery platform. You can create stations based on songs, artists, or genres and pandora plays related songs to them. For each station you can like or dislike the song, which will help pandora to understand the taste of your music. Pandora also offers free and paid plan and the concept is similar to other streaming platform. In paid plan you get no ads, unlimited skips, offline download which is missing in their free account.

Final Words:

So I think these four streaming services is best for spotify alternative use. There are some other spotify alternatives also available but I’ve not included them because of their popularity and limited features. According to me if you are not happy with spotify for any reasons so you can try any of the alternatives listed in this article. If you liked this post then please share it with your friends.

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